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Can you live in an RV full time?

Those who dream of living year-round in an RV might find it’s easier than they’d imagined. Here’s how to hit the road in a permanent home on wheels.

Have you ever thought about chucking it all and taking to the road full time? Well you can, you could join some 1.3 million Americans who are full-time RV’ers.

To find out what it takes to afford becoming a full-timer,  “living the RV dream”  (Podcasts are available here.) . “Talk Credit Radio.” Here are the Huggins’ financial tips for a life on the road.

Get organized

While you’re traveling, you’ll need to have someone receive and forward your mail to you. That could be a friend, relative or a mail service. The Huggins use a mail service located in South Dakota (more on that choice later) that forwards their mail twice a month.

They also rely on online banking and bill pay. Their phone, credit card and satellite dish bills are all paid online. If there is a bill that can’t be handled that way (“a hospital bill, for example,” says Kathy), “I leave them a note that I only get my mail twice a month, that I may be late and please do not charge me (a late fee),” she explains. She’s never had a problem, she adds.

What to look for when buying an RV

For banking, they use direct deposit and a debit card. To avoid ATM fees, they chose a bank that refunds ATM fees and often get cash back at the cash register when they make a purchase on their debit cards.

Have a (flexible) budget

Does living in an RV cost less, or more, than living in a traditional home? For the Huggins, it’s less. Kathy rattled off her monthly expenses: rig payment, phone bill and satellite television, for starters. Campsite fees can range from free to $60 to $70 per night, though she says they try to keep theirs at $20 per night.

To keep your electric bill down, avoid staying in one place for months, because long-term campers usually have to pay for their own electricity.

“Stay for less than a month, and they pay the electric bill,” she says. Even when the Huggins do pay for electricity, it’s pretty inexpensive: about $40 per month, or $80 a month if it’s cold and the electric heaters go on.

“Remember, we’re living in 400 square feet,” she adds with a laugh.

And while many campsites have free Wi-Fi available, the Huggins spring for their own wireless Internet connection because they need Internet access for their website and blog.

Cooking their own food and limiting meals in restaurants also saves them a bundle.

As with any budget, there are always surprises. For the Huggins, it’s been rising gas prices, which went from $2.99 a gallon to almost $4 a gallon at the time we spoke. “That’s been a big change in our lifestyle,” Kathy says, “but we just spend more time in a campsite. We’ll travel maybe 250 miles a day at the most, and we might stay (in one place) three or four weeks. We use our car, which we tow, to go see all the things that are around here.”

Save up for your rig, shop for the loan

Kathy was asked what it costs to buy an RV that would be comfortable to live in year-round. She says a used motor home will run “right around $100,000 if it’s a diesel pusher and about $80,000 for a gas rig. And they’re pretty comfortable.” The other option is to buy a “fifth wheel” that is pulled by a truck. “You’re talking about $40,000 to $60,000,” she says, but “then you have to buy a truck to pull it, which can be up to $40,000 for the truck.”

Before hitting the road, the Huggins sold their Florida home at the height of the market, which allowed them to get rid of all their debt and put a healthy down payment on their rig. Still, they took out a 20-year loan at 4.35% for the balance. That was a few years ago, though, and since then, full-time RV’ers have found it more difficult to get loans.

“Try a credit union,” suggests Kathy. Or buy your rig before you quit your job. “If you’re going to be a part-timer, they don’t seem to have a problem giving you a loan,” she notes.

Get a tax break

One of the advantages of living on the road is that you can call any state home.

The Huggins, like many other full-timers, chose South Dakota as their home base because of the tax benefits. There is no state income tax and, as Huggins points out, no property tax since they don’t own a home. “South Dakota probably has half a million people that don’t live there but are full-time RV’ers because of taxes,” she says, laughing. Tax rates and other details are available in the book “Choosing Your RV Home Base.”

Bring in some bacon

You don’t have to stop working when you start traveling. Many RV parks hire full-time RV’ers to handle reservations or park maintenance. Kathy was working as a reservationist while her husband was doing pool maintenance, which earned them a free site and an allowance of $100 a month toward their electric bill, plus enough spending money to cover their food budget.

Around Yellowstone, she notes, you can work at a hotel and have a parking spot for your RV while employed there. “Even Alaska has jobs for you,” she says. “You (can) guard the schools during the summer. Park your RV in the schoolyard with two or three other RV’ers, and you just keep an eye for the schoolyard, and that’s it,” she says. She recommends the website Workamper.com for employment opportunities.

Entrepreneurial opportunities abound as well and are limited only by your imagination. A couple that Kathy suggested: Watch other full-timers’ pets while they fly home for holidays or take day trips. Or make jewelry to sell.

Don’t wait too long

Do you have to be out of debt to take to the road? It helps, says Kathy. But even if you aren’t, you may still want to find a way to make it happen.

“I think almost anybody can do it,” she says. “The cost can range from $200 a month to $12,000 a month, depending on what you want to do and how you want to spend your money. That’s the best part about this — it’s your choice about . . . how big of a rig you actually buy, how much money you want to spend.”

The Huggins’ only regret? That they didn’t do it earlier. ‘”Most full-time RV’ers,  said the same thing: ‘I wish I’d done it 10 years sooner.'”

Barbara Andrews.


Daytona Bike Week & Toy Haulers

Everybody needs a Break | Bike Week Get Away!

Daytona Beach is gearing up for bike week where thousands of bikers sporting their Harley Davidson, Choppers and Crotch Rockets either race or rumble to East Central Florida sporting millions of dollars in cycling hardware and thousands of beautiful biker chicks. Bike Week has been a tradition since 1937 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Spring Break and Bike Week are big events for the March time of year.

Daytona Bike Week, also known as Daytona Beach Bike Week, is a motorcycle event and rally held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida. Approximately 500,000 people make their way to the rally area for the 10-day event. The festivities include motorcycle racing, concerts, parties, and street festivals. The event is usually held on the first full week of March 9-18, 2012 and contends with the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as the most popular motorcycle rally in the United States. Daytona Bike Week 2012 Schedule

People who go to Daytona Beach, by car this weekend will probably wish they hadn’t — they’ll definitely stand out in a crowd. The city is taken over by half a million motorcycle enthusiasts enjoying Bike Week. The economy may not be at its best, but bikers aren’t passing up the chance to soak up some sun and rev up their engines for the biggest motorcycle event in the country.

It’s more fun when you actually have a motorcycle to be part of the roar, the noise, to get out there and ride alongside people. Not only is Bike Week becoming more family-friendly, but it’s more diverse as well, with more women participants. There’s even a “sisterhood bikeride” in which 35 to 50 women ride together. Right On Sister’s!  Everybody should go whether you have a bike or not, at least once, just to take it in and see what it’s all about. I have been several times and it is AWESOME!

Heartland Road Warrior Toy Hauler | A luxury Fifth Wheel with a Garage

Load up the bikes and head to Daytona. You don’t have to worry about hotel accommodation’s. There is a whole lot going on at the RV Parks and Campgrounds. You can always dry camp because the toy hauler has a generator and a gas station for your toys. Heartland toy haulers has a reputation of RV designs that inspire, construction that endures and value that is always affordable. Heartland protects your investment with one of the highest RV resell values in its class. This is why Heartland has been featured in so many major RV magazines over the years like Trailer Life, RV Lifestyles and Gypsy Journal.

We are living in a time where it has become increasingly important to take care of what we have been given. Heartland is doing our part to reduce waste, increase efficiency and minimize any negative impact to our environment from our building processes.

Heartland’s Patented 88 Degree Turning Radius Design is perfect for short-bed, extended-cab trucks Eliminating the need for expensive slider hitches! You never need to pass up the perfect camp site again for fear of not being able to back in safely.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Heartland’s Diamond plated tool box is the perfect solution for holding loose tools to keep them from rolling around or it is even large enough to accommodate some commercial tool cases/trays or tool rolls.

One touch operation of our power awing makes set-up a snap. Enjoy spending time on your patio area, not spending time fighting with a manual awning.

Heartland engineers RVs to maximize headroom everywhere possible. We feature a full six foot plus ceiling height in the bedroom area. Taller ceilings equate to taller showers, wardrobes and overhead storage possibilities.

There is truly no comparison between traditional electric jacks and Heartland’s Hydraulic Landing Gear. Faster, Stronger and more convenient than traditional electric jacks. Be sure to watch the video of a head to head race between our Hydraulic VS their electric.

Nothing looks worse than an ugly bare fifthwheel hitch sticking out from under a well designed front cap. Our hitch cover looks great and helps protect the hitch from the elements while also improving aerodynamics.

Never drag your garden hose inside again to rinse down the black tank from inside. Keep your hose outside where it belongs and enjoy the built-in Black Tank Flush to assist in flushing all the solids out of your black tank without all the mess and hassles.

The right tire for the job. You wouldn’t put the wrong tires on your car or truck, so why wouldn’t you put properly rated Radial Tires on your trailer. Enjoy safer towing, longer wear and a better ride for your belongings.

Enjoy the sleek, modern looks and functionality of Heartland’s slam baggage doors. Oversized pull latches open easily. The tight automotive rubber seal protects your belongings from moisture and Heartland’s compartments are keyed for security using unique keys and locks.

One of Heartland’s most famous innovations, this docking center holds all of the coach’s system hook-ups including the satellite; phone; cable; city water fill; black tank flush; exterior hot and cold shower; winterization valves, and all-tanks pull handles (no more crawling under slide-outs to reach the handles!).

The wall structure is made of Welded Lightweight Heavy Gauge Aluminum and all the empty space between structural members is filled with block foam insulation then sandwiched between layers of luaun plywood and fiberglass in a lamination procedure that ensures a strong, lightweight, durable sidewall protecting your investment for years to come.

Enjoy the beauty of your Heartland Hardwood cabinets without unsightly exposed hinges. Our Hidden Hinges are Spring Loaded to assist in opening and to spring/snap closed. Our hinges are also easily adjusted for perfect operation.

Heartland’s steel ball-bearing drawer guides not only provide the smoothest possible operation, but are able to hold more than 30 lbs. as witnessed by this cinder block!  You will not find any of the cheap, import drawer guides like the competition offers in our coaches!  These deeper drawers are designed to fully extend past the cabinet faces, so no more scraped knuckles trying to get to the back of them.  It’s simply the best drawer system in the industry!

How can you get a good nights sleep on the thin, springy or saggy mattress found in most RVs. Sleep like a King or Queen on our Country Rest Pillow Top Memory foam mattress. Did we mention it measures 12 inches tall and fits standard sheet sets.

Protect your family with Food Preparation Certified Non-porous solid surface countertops. Other countertops can stain easily and more importantly absorb germs that can then be transferred to your family and guest making them sick. Heartlands solid surface countertops virtually eliminate this risk.

There are many more features on the Road Warrior to list but, I will end it here and say hope to see you at Daytona Bike Week.

Barbara Andrews.

The RVing Lifestyle Appreciates You!

A Special Thank You For Your Comments!

Thanks for the kind words everyone! I appreciate all your comments, you’re sharing, and you’re support. I have so many comments that I can’t possibly reply to everyone with my work schedule so I will try to answer all questions in this post. I use a free WordPress blog with a simple theme called Spectrum. I do not and will not have ads on my site but, I do not mind WordPress or Adwords using a text line for their ads. This is a free information site that I started for my customers at work to help them, I am very happy that everyone else enjoys the information. I work for General RV Center in the Jacksonville Florida area; I’m a Sales Consultant with 12 years’ experience. I’m also a computer technician with many years’ experience rebuilding, repairing and upgrading computers.  I am knowledgeable in Microsoft software and Operating systems, htlm and xml with that being said it does not make me an expert just knowledgeable and happy to help anyone that need it.

I have had several comments from people having issues opening my site with the text, images and format. I can assure you it is not on this end. It has to do with your browser settings, multiple browser usage on your computer. You could have a Worm or Trojan or both. If you have a hacking problem, it will be with your computer and not WordPress.  You may have a Keylogger Worm that your virus program will not notice because it has been corrupted. The only way to get rid of a worm is to reformat your operating system, you cannot restore it because it will also restore the Worm or Virus. I use only one browser, Firefox as my default and Google as my search engine to have fewer problems. You also have to limit the cache, which is your Offline Storage. I limit it to 250MB that’s it and I clean it at least 10 times a day. I do not have a theme on my browser or do I change color or text.

Blogging Tips

Keywords, Tag Clouding, and Pinging are important to your traffic. Here are some free SEO tools and Ping-o-Matic that have really helped me. WordPress has just about every plugin you can think of, Google it. I like WordPress blog themes the best. The WordPress dashboard is fairly easy to use and has many tools that you will need to learn, it’s not that hard. For those that do not know htlm, WordPress would be best for you, it is free take advantage of that until you get to know your way around. I always have my keywords in every articles in bold letters especially the first and last sentence, and at least 3 keywords linked to my home page.  I link related sites to the article. I think the most important tip is to follow other blogs and leave a comment. That will link you with the crawlers. Good Luck to you all and thank you very much! All my contact information is listed on my “About” tab on the Home page. Please keep the comments coming; they are appreciated. 

Barbara Andrews.

Upgrade Your Life by Camping!

Camping as a Family Bonding Activity

Reserve a week end to connect to the people who mean the most to you–Your family. When outdoors, sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows, family’s become close in a way that you can’t possibly at home with the distractions of TV, phone and computer. Whether your are in a RV or tent the results are the same. Every kid loves sleeping in a tent under the stars – and every adult likes the break from their BlackBerry.  The importance of family bonding, whether it be with family, friends, or any acquaintance. Bonding is so important for success and happiness at all levels.

The world is in hyper-speed, and we all need to slow down and work on our bonding. From the simplest of things, like an all out weekend adventure, and anything in between, like playing kids games, or any other kids activities. The future of our children and everyone’s happiness depends strongly on this one simple task, and yes, family bonding is that simple and very do-able. Have fun and let the kid in you out! Who knows what might come of it.

Do you sometimes feel like you hardly know your family members anymore? With each one of you leading busy lives: dad spends 10 hours slaving away in the office, mom spends 8 to 10 hours at her  job, and the kids are each busy with schoolwork and after-school activities. It’s about time you found the time to do something enjoyable together as one tightly-knit family unit.
National parks are always a good place for camping as they offer plenty of amenities and are always dramatic. No matter where you live, you should be able to find a camping place that suits you. Keep track of the weather if you don’t want to spoil the fun. Schedule out your activities beforehand as it will also help to avoid your family from getting fed up. Ensure to arrange your activities so that all ages can partake. You can do all sorts of activities together such as hiking, animal or tree spotting, fishing, crafting with nature, treasure hunts, in addition to playing games.
Ensure to have a backup indoor activities plan, in case of  poor weather. There is nothing more annoying than having your camping adventure destroyed by the rain. Starting a custom of camping with your family will  inspire them, a lifetime love of the outdoors and a strong respect for Mother Nature. Moreover, you will be building plenty of memories that they can treasure for life, and a strong craving to pass this type of family togetherness and union, to their own children.  Don’t forget the marshmallows.  Barbara Andrews.

Good Clean Dirty Fun!

Western North Carolina in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.

If you are looking for something to do with the family. Plan your next Vacation or Trip to Franklin  North Carolina mining for gems. Here is a link to several RV campgrounds.  A good place to start for the basic information is at the Franklin Chamber of Commerce’s Gem Mining Page. However, there is other information that is important to know as well. First, know that at only a few of the mines will you be mining in native dirt. Most mines are “salted/seeded” with the tailings from other mines overseas. About the only completely native operations remaining that I know about in the area are Mason’s (not to be confused with Mason Mountain) and Cherokee. Some of the others will offer a combination of native and salted material, while with others you may be dealing with entirely salted material.

What does this mean for you, and how should you base your decision on where to go? Personally, I prefer to go for the native stuff at Mason’s, I have not been to Cherokee yet but, plan to this May. Although you will not find nearly as much, you have the chance of finding something VERY good. This option is best for purists, serious rockhounds, and those with good attention spans. With the salted material, you will find much more, but as it is stuff that has already been gone through, your chances of finding something extremely valuable are quite slim. However, it isn’t to say it is all junk (especially if you buy some of the more expensive salted buckets), and you may get more than your money’s worth. Keep in mind, however, that with salted it is more of a grab-bag than true mining. But if you only have a little time and are just interested in the experience and coming home with some souvenirs that look neat, and particularly if you have children in your party, the salted operations may be a better choice.

Mason’s Ruby and Sapphire Mine

Mason’s Ruby and Sapphire Mine – My favorite mine! This is the only dig-your-own operation where you are allowed to go into the mine itself to dig your own dirt… this place can be a lot of work (especially in the early spring when things can be very muddy), but tons of fun and definitely worth it! For adults, it is $30 a day with no admission fee, $15 for kids, and once again, bring cash. They also have food and drinks for sale at very reasonable prices. The water is very cold as their site mentions, but they do have extra gloves on hand, which really come in handy. This mine is in a really beautiful location, but is a bit out of the way– be sure to look for the yellow signs directing you to the mine, as the area is very easy to get lost in. This mine is actually open all year round, weather permitting, but be careful about attempting the roads (Airport to Olive Hill to Upper Burlington) if the weather is snowy or icy.

This mine was opened to the public in 1942, and a long time before that, it was once mined by Tiffany & Co. The sapphires that come out of here are mostly in the lavender to pink color range (it is mostly sapphires, rubies seem very rare. Though of course they are the same mineral, corundum crystals, only true red ones are called rubies, the rest being sapphires). You can get some very valuable stones out of here– the small facet quality pink sapphires that come out of here can run up to $400-500 a carat or more. Most of the stones you will find here will have a hexagonal shape, often enlongated. Most will have some coating on them, but keep your eyes out for any hint of that pink or purple coloring. As the mud here is quite tough, you will have to put extra effort into making sure your stones are cleaned. Good material in the mine tends to run in horizontal layers. Look for lighter grey soil, rather than the deeper red, and if you find a good location– keep an eye out for lots of mica in the screen, and sapphires in the vein material– dig around there in the same layer. The staff is very helpful– you may come across some older reviews bashing the place, but since the new management has taken over, things are agreed to be  MUCH better.

With regards to the mining itself, be SURE to completely clean your dirt in your screen. Most operators at the mines will pound this into your head, anyways, as it is something that causes many to miss seeing gems. You may be on the lookout for different things at different mines, so if you have no clue, ask for help or to see some samples before starting (and at many places the staff will also help you by looking through your “tailings,” i.e., the stuff you have already gone through). As an important rule of thumb though, bear in mind that rubies and sapphires will often have a six-sided shape and are heavy compared to other stones. You may want to bring a container for holding your finds, even though mines will usually provide them if needed; a Ziploc will work just fine, as will film canisters and medicine bottles for smaller stuff.

I’ve found that it is a good idea to bring a small hand shovel, as well. Some mines provide them, but some don’t, and they really come in handy for getting dirt from the buckets into your screen. Depending on the time of year and the weather, things like sunscreen and insect repellent can be useful to bring too. Basic materials like the screen, and shovels at dig-your-own operations, will be provided. Be sure that you know your destination mine’s accepted methods of payment– if it is cash only, you may find yourself backtracking quite a ways to find an ATM. Though it might seem obvious, be sure to find out the hours and season of the mine you wish to visit; April-October is the usual season, but  Mason’s Ruby & Sapphire Mine are open all year. Bring plenty of fluids and snacks.  Barbara Andrews.

Lifestyle of the Not So Rich And Famous

Where Strangers Become Friends & Friends Become Family

RVers and Family campers are known as the “Friendliest People in the World”.  Strengthening family bonds through shared activities in the out-doors!  For some, home is where they park their RV. I love to see the joy in people when delivery day has come. The tedious RV research and search is over finding that perfect unit or close to perfect unit to meet the family needs and wants. The vacation or outing has been carefully planed schedules have been shuffled to get away from it all. Picking up the RV is truly a happy occasion especially for the first time buyer trekking into new territory.

I would like to feature the Pime Time LaCrosse bunk house since it is one of our biggest sellers at General RV.

LaCrosse Features

LaCrosse Luxury Lite is built with Prime Time’s Eternabond Construction Technology. Every wall, floor and slide-out roof is made up of welded aluminum framework that is then laminated together in order to build a stronger, longer lasting Recreational Vehicle.

LaCrosse has a fully walkable roof system with 5″ crowned trusses. A one-piece insulated air conditioning duct system is blanketed with a generous layer of R-14 fiberglass insulation.

LaCrosse’s enclosed underbelly is heated with a 2″ heat duct vented from your furnace to protect your enclosed holding tanks, water lines, and dump valves from the elements during colder weather.

You don’t have to buy a Diesel Motor Home to get the security and convenience of Bus Style Slam Baggage Doors.  These 1″ thick doors also have a uniquely keyed lock that won’t be the same as your neighbors.

You will love the push-button convenience of Prime Time’s electric awning.  Complete with adjustable arms to allow for water drainage, you will find this feature standard on LaCrosse models.

Prime Time takes the work out of leveling your trailer with the convenience of Electric Stabilizer Jacks.  Luxury and value are combined with this LaCrosse standard feature.

LaCrosse offers one of the widest entry doors on any Lite Weight travel trailer. This 30″ wide model makes it easy to carry large items like coolers without banging and scraping your hands.

No sacrifices are required with LaCrosse.  Incorporating over 13 feet of floor space, the MAX Slide Room offers a full size Air Mattress Hide-A-Bed and the industry’s largest U-Shaped Dinette.  Live (and sleep) like a king with MAX Slide.

LaCrosse provides Best In Class convenience of having all your water connections, cable connections and outside shower in a lockable, all-in-one, easy to use compartment.

LaCrosse offers EZ Tow – another Prime Time innovation designed to minimize the vertical “bouncing” effect that is transferred to the tow vehicle when traveling over rough road surfaces, potholes, or railroad crossings.

We think you will agree, LaCrosse Luxury Lite will look awesome pulling into the campground with it’s automotive styled aluminum wheels!

Outside entertainment and dining is easy and convenient with Prime Time’s innovative Outside Camp Kitchen.  You’ll find a sink with running hot and cold water, a large refrigerator, a slide-out stove, and tons of storage for all your essentials.

The Atwood 6 Gallon Gas/Electric water heater is designed to provide a maximum amount of hot water. This remarkably efficient model recovers water at the rate of 18 gallons/hour!

No more crawling under your trailer and trying to unscrew awkward cap fittings. With a simple ¼ turn, these easy to reach drain valves allow you to quickly and easily drain your water lines and fresh water tank.

Hooking up an LP gas grill or other LP burning appliance is convenient with the LP Quick Connect fitting that runs to the back of every LaCrosse.

Your entertainment options are multiplied with LaCrosse’s exterior television hook-ups and stereo speakers.

LaCrosse’s E-Stone countertops are a uniquely engineered product that combines an amazing residential look with lightweight durability specifically designed for use in a Recreation Vehicle. E-Stone is certified to meet strict UL flame spread and impact requirements.

The amount of galley drawers in a LaCrosse is “second to none”. You will find in every floorplan a 12″ Deep X 19″ Wide pot and pan drawer underneath the gas oven. In the case of the 318BHS model a second pot and pan drawer is located underneath the refrigerator!

LaCrosse’s abundant kitchen storage is complimented with extra convenience by making the kitchen pantry shelves removable so you can decide what goes where when “loading up” for your next trip.

Without a doubt, the style, comfort, and convenience of LaCrosse’s air mattress Hide-A-Bed is tops in the industry. Customer’s love the huge, additional storage drawer built in under the sofa seat.

Your comfort and convenience is ensured with this Air Mattress Hide-A-Bed.  Plus, the engineers at Prime Time have incorporated a highly convenient storage drawer and worked closely with our suppliers to create a folding mechanism that eliminates pinch points.

No sacrifices are required with LaCrosse.  Incorporating over 13 feet of floor space, the MAX Slide Room offers a full size Air Mattress Hide-A-Bed and the industry’s largest U-Shaped Dinette.  Live (and sleep) like a king with MAX Slide.

Because of the additional room that MAX slide provides LaCrosse is equipped with a GIGANTIC 87″ booth dinette. There is plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy meal time or game time!

With LaCrosse’s MAX Slide, the free standing dinette and chairs are a popular option. LaCrosse offers so much more room to maneuver the chairs and dine in comfort verses the competitor’s free standing dinettes!

LaCrosse’s dinette table drops down to the perfect height to serve as a coffee table or it can easily fit through the entry door for use underneath the awning!

Upright it’s a comfortable lounge area complete with drink holders.  Laid down, it’s an extra large sleeping area.  There’s no need to accept a simple bunk room when you can have the industry’s most versatile accommodations – Sleep & Play – found in select LaCrosse models.

Here are some videos from Prime Time I believe you will enjoy if you are looking for that perfect travel trailer bunk house. Barbara Andrews.

The LaCrosse 296 BH

2012 Prime Time RV Tracer 2900BHS

Family Campers Loving Life!

Strengthen Family Relationships

Whether you are tent camping or RV camping the results are the same. Today’s fast-paced life often leaves busy parents searching for opportunities to spend quality time together as a family. Increasingly, families are discovering that vacationing in an RV is the best way to cement family relationships while having a great time. Bringing the family closer together was the top answer for parents when asked what are the most important benefits of family RV camping. Other highly ranked responses were providing a learning experience, teaching kids to respect nature, broadening their horizons, and developing wholesome values.

In a recent research study conducted by Louis Harris and Associates, nine out of 10 current RV owners said RVs are the best way to travel with the family. Perhaps even more significant, 62 percent of survey respondents who have never owned an RV said they also thought that an RV is the best way to take a family trip.

Why do RVs appeal to so many families? Most importantly, RVs allow parents to reestablish relationships with their children by removing life’s daily distractions. On an RV trip, families are not faced with the interruptions of routine home life, yet they have all the comforts of home. RVing families are able to enjoy each others company and kids are free to be themselves, without the distraction of soccer practice, swim team or piano lessons. Owning an RV also means every weekend can be a vacation, allowing quick getaways with minimal preparation and planning.

It takes a lot of energy to cope with the hectic pace of everyday life. The entire family has to have time to put everything on hold, except the family relationship. The RV provides the means to hit the road, leave the daily routine and enjoy quality time together. Many parents also supplement their children’s learning during their RV travels.  43 percent of families cite visiting a historic location for educational purposes. Science and nature centers, zoos and museums were also frequently mentioned. The RV provides the means to hit the road, leave the daily routine and enjoy quality time together.   Barbara Andrews

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